Teacher, Guardian Student Triad Connector

Local private schools and students will get the experience of international school in terms of functionalities. Parents will get their kids’ real status in their studies.Students can analyze about their own performance. 


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What is EDUplus ?

EDUplus, Educational Platform communicates School, Guardians, 
Students. The students will get the insight of their own performances 
and requirements. The guardians will get the real time information of their children. The school can manage about the staffs, student and their payroll

What's on EDUplus ?

Effective School Management System

The Admin User efficiently manages school information, data creation, retrieval, modification, and deletion. school address easily accessible digitally for convenience.

Efficient Registration & Enrollment System

Eliminate data loss and save time by upgrading from cumbersome paperwork registration to operations a secure system-based registration and enrollment process.

Flexible Payroll System

Facilitate adaptable student fee payments, catering to current trends and providing a convenient, comfortable transaction experience for both payers and the institution.

Secure Reports Management System

System facilitates efficient report tracking, empowering administrators, educators, and students with streamlined communication and data management capabilities.

See how EDUplus connects students, teachers and guardians

Why choose us ?

EDUplus is the edutech tools. Improvement to School Administration process. Help to School Management.Communication platform for Teacher, Student and Parents.


Free for Integration Fees.


No Add-on Fees.

Cloud Environment

On demand resources in the cloud environment.


Hardware Cost Free.

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